There’s A New Documentary All About The Ford Mustang

A Faster Horse pays tribute to an iconic American ride.

Filmmaker David Gelb, who directed the acclaimed Jiro Dreams of Sushi, has turned his camera’s gaze from a Japanese cultural touchstone to an American one in A Faster Horse.

The documentary looks at the huge significance of the Ford Mustang in automotive culture while following the engineering team developing the latest GT350, a high-performance version of the storied muscle car.

The doc focuses on the Mustang’s enduring appeal due to Ford’s effort to balance enthusiast-pleasing performance with the affordable efficiency that drives sales. You can watch the trailer here:

A Faster Horse from Gravitas Ventures on Vimeo.

The title, of course, is a reference to Henry Ford’s oft-quoted observation about disregarding driver input. If he’d asked people what they wanted before he introduced his car, Ford said, they would have replied, “A faster horse.”

A Faster Horse is playing in limited theatrical release and on-demand nationwide. Because, as the movie poster points out, “Everyone has a Mustang story.”

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Photos by Gravitas Ventures