These 9 Vintage Jaguars Walloped the Mille Miglia

As it turns out, classic cats have no time for stereotypes.

Jokes about Jaguars’ reliability—especially those built under British Leyland with Lucas electronics—have no place here. Or, there, in Italy at the Mille Miglia, along 1,000 miles of winding roads. As part of its entry in the world famous, near ninety-year-old race, Jaguar provided nine classic cars from its heritage collection. The fast fleet included three C-types, three D-types, two XK120’s, and one XK140—with appropriate race preparation—and all cars finished the 1000+ mile loop. (One fifth of the Mille’s 456 entries did not.) While no YouTube product could ever paint a full sensory portrait, the video is worth it for the sound of these half-century old British sports cars screaming, bellowing, and sliding (just a little) their way through it all. Vintage Jaguars: the Honda Civics of the classic race circuit. Who knew?