This Rugged Electric Concept Buggy Is Built For Off-Road Action

The doorless Dacia concept is geared toward outdoor lovers.


What does the future of auto production look like, especially if you want to go off-road — sustainably? Renault-owned Romanian automaker Dacia has some ideas with the Dacia Manifesto, and although it won’t actually be produced, the approach is — needless to say — fascinating.

The ultra-cool Dacia Manifesto (recently unveiled in Paris) looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, with the specs to match.


The electric showcar is both rugged and sleek, doing away with body panels like doors, windows or a windscreen, for starters.

The body panels the impressive concept car does have are made from recycled plastic, and the dashboard features cork in its design, as well.


The car, with its rugged, oversized wheels, is meant to showcase how Dacia can cater to outdoor enthusiasts with a sustainable off-road vehicle.

The car itself can (hypothetically) be used as a power source, thanks to the removable battery pack.


It helps that touches like removable seat covers can even be turned into sleeping bags, while the interior is also washable.


For good measure, the concept car design does away with two headlights, instead using one that also doubles as a removable torch.


And the all-terrain tires that make the Dacia Manifesto such an impressive theoretical concept are actually even cooler than at first glance: They’re airless to avoid punctures on rough surfaces.

There’s no question the Dacia Manifesto is about as impressive as it gets (at least in terms of concept cars), and we’d go so far as to say it’s a shame you won’t be able to take this car off-grid yourself.

Add it to your list of inspiring dream rides in the meantime.