This ‘White Collection’ Of 56 Porsche Supercars Is Up For Grabs

White light, white heat.

(Darin Schnabel ©2023 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s)

If you died and went to Porsche heaven, it might look something like “The White Collection.” RM Sotheby’s is set to sell an array of 63 Porsche automobiles, including 56 white-painted supercars, plus a pair of Red Porsche tractors and multiple kid-sized “Junior Porches”—all of which were assembled in a single private collection by a “perfection-focused owner.”

2015 Porsche 918 ‘Weissach’ Spyder (Darin Schnabel ©2023 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s)

While most will fetch a sum somewhere in the six-figure range, five are all but guaranteed to sell for more than $1 million. The crown jewel is a 2015 Porsche 918 “Weissach” Spyder, an example of a then-flagship that was spectacularly appointed with around $180,000 worth of options, including the bespoke colorway of Grand Prix White (9A5) over a full leather-to-sample Yachting Blue interior.

1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.8 (Darin Schnabel ©2023 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s)

It gets its nickname from the “Weissach” performance package, which includes color-matched, painted magnesium Weissach wheels with red-anodized center-lock wheel nuts, silver brake calipers, exposed, weave-matched carbon fiber detailing, and a deletion of exterior badges. Priced at just over $1 million originally, the 918 “Weissach” Spyder is expected to fetch between $2.5 and $3 million.

1997 Porsche 911 GT2 (Darin Schnabel ©2023 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s)

A 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.8, valued at between $2 and $2.5 million, is described by RM Sotheby’s as “the wildest 964-generation 911 ever created” as “the last of 51 race-prepared RSR examples built by Porsche Motorsport, and the second of two exclusively tailored ‘Strassenversion’ specimens.”

Not only is interior fully upholstered with tailored Can Can Red and Grand Prix White leathers by Porsche craftsmen, but it was also ordered with a powerful twin-ignition “Le Mans”-spec 3.8-liter flat-six, complete air jack system, 120-liter fuel cell, 40% locking rear differential, gold brake calipers, and a set of multi-piece Speedline RS wheels.

1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight (Darin Schnabel ©2023 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s)

Perhaps the most historically significant of the five seven-figure White Collection Porsches is the 1997 911 GT2, the last great, air-cooled turbocharged 911 and one of 194 roadgoing examples believed to have been built. This “ultimate 993-generation 911” is expected to bring between $2 and $2.2 million, while another elite air-cooled 911—a 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 in a rare “Lightweight” specification”—is estimated to sell for between $1.75 and $2 million.

Then there’s a 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo S X85 “Flat Nose,” one of just two believed to exist and a superlatively expensive Porsche of its day, thanks to options like a Light Rootwood dash, parking brake lever and shifter, as well as Cashmere Beige Supple Leather heated seats and matching floor mats. With just 39 miles on the odometer, this one should fetch between $1.5 and $2 million.

1994 Porsche 911 Turbo S X85 “Flat Nose” (Darin Schnabel ©2023 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s)

We’ve only scratched the surface of the “White Collection”—visit RM Sotheby’s to peruse all 63 automobile lots, plus hundreds of pieces of Porsche memorabilia.