You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Tony Soprano’s Escalade

Make them an offer they can’t refuse. 

When the late, great James Gandolfini navigated the mean streets of New York and New Jersey to the Bada Bing strip club, it was at the wheel of this very pearlescent white 2003 CadillacEscalade ESV. The ESV means it is the long version, with more space in back for disposing of troublesome problems.

This car was used primarily for exterior shots of Gandolfini driving and he and other characters entering and exiting the car, while another one was used for the interior shots while driving. The Escalade’s star turn came in The Sopranos‘ season five, when Gandolfino-as-Tony used it to run Phil Leotardo off the road into a parked car because he was angry about an unpaid debt.

The Escalade includes numerous documents supporting its provenance, and Gandolfini signed the car’s sun visor and dashboard to further authenticate it.

“A decidedly unique, recognizable prop from one of the most acclaimed television series ever produced,” says the listing, by RR Auction. The minimum bid is $5,000 and the sale opens November 12th and ends November 19th.

The listing doesn’t include your usual used car information, like how many miles are on the Escalade or its service history. Kelley Blue Book says an Escalade of this vintage is likely to have 144,000 miles on it, on average, and is worth $8,864 if bought from a dealer. But if Tony suggested you make the purchase, it would be wise to do so no matter what the price. 

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Photos by RR Auction