These Are the World’s Top 10 Most Instagrammed Cars

Which popular ride will reign supreme?

2020 Most Instagrammed Cars

One might expect awe-inspiring supercars or eye-catching classic vehicles to dominate Instagram, but the most popular automobiles on the picture-sharing platform are much more attainable. 

Quidco Discover, the comparison arm of leading UK cashback service Quidco, identified the 50 most mentioned makes and models on Instagram, and then tallied the three top hashtags for each during the month of May. 

Only two supercars cracked the top 10—the Audi R8 at No. 8,  and the Nissan GT-R at No. 6. Hot hatchbacks proved the most popular vehicle class, with the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Honda Civic notching the No. 10, 7 and 3 positions, respectively. 

The Land Rover Range Rover was the lone SUV in the top 10, but it took second only to a surprising leader—the Audi RS6, a performance variant of the Audi A6 full-size sedan. See the complete top 10 list below: 

10. Ford Focus – 1,428,000 Hashtags


9. Fiat 500 – 1,443,900 Hashtags 


8. Audi R8 1,505,500 Hashtags 


7. Volkswagen Golf – 1,933,000 Hashtags


6. Nissan GT-R – 1,987,000 Hashtags


5. Audi A8 – 2,420,000 Hashtags


4. Ford Mustang – 3,040,000 Hashtags


3. Honda Civic – 3,370,000 Hashtags


2. Land Rover Range Rover – 3,448,300 Hashtags

Land Rover

1. Audi RS6 – 5,161,000 Hashtags


Looking more thoroughly at the data by vehicle class, the Land Rover Range Rover reigned supreme in the “SUV” category, with just under 3.5 million hashtags. 

The “Sports” category, which constitutes everything from supes to ponies, was easily dominated by the Ford Mustang with 3 million mentions, followed by the Nissan GT-R in the runner-up position at around 1.9 million mentions. 


See the infographic above for a full breakdown by class, and head to Quidco Discover to  see the top 50 most Instagrammed vehicles.