Top 5 Favorite First Cars

A red Ford Mustang is America’s most popular first car.

The car experts at AutoNation examined your Instagram posts from the last five years and analyzed the most-mentioned first cars and their colors to uncover the top combinations of first cars, and by association, cars most likely to have hosted other firsts.

The number one combination, matching the favorite car with its most popular color, is a red Ford Mustang.  No wonder, considering the Pony car’s 50-year history. The runner-up combination is a black Honda Civic, followed by a white Honda Accord. Ford scored the next two, with a blue Focus followed by a blue Fiesta.

If colors weren’t mentioned and the posts only discussed the car, the order is a little different, with some other very familiar first cars making the top-five list: Volkswagen Jetta and Beetle slot into to the fourth and fifth places on the list.

When only colors are mentioned, but not cars, you apparently prefer blue cars, followed closely by red, black, white and silver.

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Photos by Ford Motor Co.