This Carbon Fiber-Bodied Porsche 911 Is A Fast-As-Hell, Blacked-Out Beauty

It's 750-horsepower monster.
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Stinger 911 carbon

So, all your buddies have Porsche 911s. You want one too, but you don't want to blend in to the pack. Russian tuner TopCar has your solution: a carbon fiber-bodied 911 it calls the Stinger GTR gen.2.

Stinger 911 carbon 5

The Stinger wears carbon fiber fenders, doors, bumpers, hood, side skirts, air dam and mighty rear wing.

Stinger 911 carbon 3

TopCar's technicians graft the carbon fiber to the Porsche's steel shell, retaining the steel roof structure.

Stinger 911 carbon 4

Each Stinger is a custom project, and TopCar offers engine options with up to 750 horsepower, depending on how much you'll need to drive it to the pickup bar.

Stinger 911 carbon 7

They recommend customers specify ultralight ADV.1 wheels to complement the lightweight carbon bodywork.

Stinger 911 carbon 6

Pricing for the carbon bodywork is $49,000 on top of the cost of the Porsche and shipping to and from Russia. But what price, art?

Stinger 911 carbon 2

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