Tour France And Italy In A Classic Mercedes Roadster

A sweet new travel deal lets you cruise Tuscany or Provence in a vintage Mercedes SL.


Photo: Mercedes-Benz

As incredible as today’s cars are, many of us still long for the experience of driving classic cars in their original, as-new condition. Mercedes like to keep its customers happy, so in addition to selling you a new SLS, the company has arranged with tour operator Nostalgic GmbH to put drivers behind the wheel of a classic SL roadster while cruising an idyllic European destination.

For the Classic Car Travel program, Nostalgic will host guided tour groups of as many as 18 people sharing a fleet of 10 SLs on trips to France or Italy. The cars are of the 1963-’71 “Pagoda roof” generation and the 1971-’89 generation, which, if it had a nickname, might be the “dentist’s special.”

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Customers will take turns in each of the cars, so everyone will get to try each car and engine combination available. The price is $2,274, (1975 Euros, think the price is a coincidence?) per person, double occupancy.

“With ‘Classic Car Travel’ you can now enjoy the experience of driving a classic car along some of Europe’s dream routes without actually owning your own classic”, said project manager Thomas Eisenbarth of Daimler Business Innovation.

We’d rather own our own, but touring Europe on one of these beauties is a close second.

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