New Toyota Supra Revival Spotted In The Wild

Toyota’s hotly awaited sports car reboot was glimpsed in cold-weather testing by a spy photographer.

Toyota FT 1.jpg

Toyota’s revival of the beloved Supra sports coupe is getting closer to reality, judging from pictures snapped by KPG Spy Photography of a camouflaged test car.

While the Supra production car may not resemble the gorgeous FT-1 concept Toyota showed last year, enthusiasts who crushed on that car can still hope for the best. 

The new Supra will be built in a joint venture with BMW, much like the Subaru collaboration that produced the Scion FR-S (Toyota FT-86 in some markets) and Subaru BRZ.

1986 Toyota Supra

Toyota’s Supra was much loved for the silky smoothness of its inline six-cylinder engine. Unfortunately, that inherently balanced engine design has mostly faded from use because it is long, which makes it hard to use in transverse front-drive vehicles. Inline six engines are also tall, which poses a challenge for pedestrian impact protection because they leave no room beneath the hood for crush space to absorb impacts.

1994 Toyota Supra

However, BMW is also renowned for its inline sixes, so a venture that will see the companies share hardware to build a new Supra and the next-generation BMW Z4 makes sense. 

This cold-weather test car shows we won’t have to wait long to see them.

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