Move Over Fidget Spinners, This R/C Monster Truck Is the Greatest Toy on Earth

This little monster hits 50 mph.

Forget any notions of radio control cars as tiny toys, because the $950 (MSRP) Traxxas 8S X-Maxx is a 2.5-foot, 20-lb. beast that walks on water!

Traxxas trucks are no mere toys, as evidenced by the 8-inch tires and 30 volts of electric power that rocket this monster to 50 mph!

“X-Maxx puts the power to the ground through tough all-steel drivetrain gears, the revolutionary Cush Drive system, and our strongest driveshafts ever,” says Traxxas. 

“The all-new Torque-Biasing Center Drive improves driveline durability and drives larger module ring and pinion gears on the toughest differentials we have ever produced.”

The good part of having a R/C monster truck instead of a full-size one is that you can exercise in much smaller spaces, so you’ll get more chances to use it. Or you can just head to a nearby lake for a quick drive.