Triton’s Latest Mini Submarine Is Ready To Go Deep

Experience panoramic views of the undersea world 3,300 feet below in this groundbreaking new mini-sub.
Triton 3300-6 (1)

Triton Submarines is known for creating luxe submersibles like this Project Neptune collaboration with Aston Martin. The three-seat base model on which Project Neptune is based has been expanded to create the new 3300/6 without compromising on any of interior's fine design. 

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The name denotes the vessel's depth rating of 3,300 feet and six-person capacity. Hand-upholstered seats are arranged in a row of three in front and three single-person rows staggered behind, though a a four-person configuration is also available "for the ultimate in comfort.  Enclosing passengers is the "world's largest spherical acrylic pressure hull," which measures eight-and-one-third feet in diameter. 

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The glass bubble allows for panoramic views and direct sight-lines, particularly for the front row. All internal machinery—air conditioning, lighting and controls—are packaged below and behind seats to maximize head, shoulder elbow and leg room. A simple joystick and touchscreen interface serve as the pilot's controls.

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New Atlas reports that two main thrusters and two vertical "vertran" thrusters that produce a maximum of 12.5 kW each to reach a top speed of three knots (~3.5 mph). While there's something to be desired in the speed department, you'll be less likely to miss any underwater scenes illuminated by the banks of 20,000-lumen LED lights.

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Despite its 24,300-pound weight, the 3300/6 measures just 14.9 feet long, meaning that it can be launched from a superyacht's tender garage with standard lift equipment.  

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Prices aren't listed on Triton's website, but Gulf Business previously reported that the Triton 3300/6 is priced at $5.35 million. If you've only got a mere million to spend on a personal sub, this two-seat U-Boat Worx NEMO costs approximately $1,060,800.