This Safari Porsche 911 Rally Car Is The Bug-Eyed Beast We Never Knew We Needed

Orange you glad you saw this?
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Though the historic-sports-cars-as-rally-cars trend keeps gaining momentum, it still surprises some people to see their favorite asphalt-ripping machines retuned to sling gravel. England's Tuthill Porsche is fueling interest in so-called 911 Safaris with the construction of this fiery orange build, which is destined for its owner in the U.S.


Although this is intended to be a fun street car, Tuthill built the 911 to its full rally racing specifications, with hundreds of hours of labor spent reinforcing the body shell and installing the roll cage.


The interior is finished with racing seats and harnesses, and even includes a race-spec fire suppression system.


There is a rally-specification wiring harness in there too, needed to power that array of blinding driving lights mounted across the car's hood.

It is fun seeing the variety of design themes 911 owners are exploring in building their own personalized machines, so hopefully a cool 911 safari will be on the street near you this summer.