If You've Ever Wanted To Party In a Personal Submarine, This Is Your Chance

Yes, it has a cold storage box to chill your champagne.
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Ultra-wealthy super-villains like Elon Musk are getting so much attention for their rocket flights that it is easy to forget that the super-rich also operate beneath the waves. Fortunately for them, it has never been easier to get a submarine to give the yacht's lucky passengers the ability to do some underwater tourism.


There is probably also some improbable Rube Goldberg Bond death sequence for the spy to escape that involves the Yacht Sub 3, an amazing underwater observation bubble like no other.


The previous obstacles to more of the super-rich getting into the submersible game have been that earlier subs were too heavy for their yachts to easily handle, and their operation was too complex for ordinary sailors to operate. 


No more, according to U-Boat Worx. Now, their own crew members can attend a comprehensive two-to-three-week training course, or U-Boat Worx can dispatch a skilled pilot to their location as needed. The pilot rides in the rear, leaving the front seats open to two passengers.


And if the bad guys incapacitate your pilot with a poison dart or some such foolishness, the Yacht Sub 3's automatic systems will return it to the surface, because the sub has a 'dead man's switch' that must be pressed every ten minutes to remain submerged.


While U-Boat Worx has gone to lengths to simplify the Yacht Sub 3's operation, it is no coral reef plaything. The boat can be outfitted for a dive rating of 300 meters, and the company says it tests the acrylic bubble to the pressure of four times that depth. That should relax visions of Hollywood's bursting pipes and buckling bulkheads in movie subs.


These serious capabilities don't mean that the Yacht Sub 3 is all work and no play, however. It includes bluetooth audio capability to stream your tunes while undersea and it has a cold storage box to chill your champagne.


The Yacht Sub 3 can cruise beneath the waves for 12 hours, though, and there's no mention of a bathroom, so you might want to go easy on the booze. U-Boat Worx says a series of six or seven shorter dives in a day is the normal way to use the sub, so in that case, drink up!


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