Uber For Boats Is Finally Here, And Your Morning Commute May Never Be The Same

Because rolling up in a boat is way more fun…


Uber is getting off the road and into the water–at least in one vacation hotspot.

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UberBoat is currently ferrying passengers along the rocky coast of Croatia’s Adriatic Sea. Yep, this summer you can summon a totally sweet, water-borne ride with your Uber app just as easily as hailing a car home after a night at the bar.


Croatia would seem to be be a great place for Uber honchos to test-drive the program and escape their sexual discrimination headaches, now that controversial Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to step down from the ride-sharing giant this week.

Just as with the cars, you can use the service to reserve two different sizes of boats depending on the size of your vacation crew. The regular UberBoat runs $395 for as many as eight passengers and the bigger UberBoat XL carries as many as a dozen revelers for $493 according to the travel experts at ThePointsGuy.com.

Dubrovnik, Croatia - Dubrovnik’s City Harbor has pristine scenery, mouthwatering eats, and picturesque beaches full of picturesque women. You’ve seen it stand in for King’s Landing on Game of Thrones, but the place is actually more striking in person. Centuries worth of maritime culture have produced countless local captains and crew. Meet a great sailor in the Mediterranean and you’ve likely met a Croat.
Dubrovnik, Croatia

The boats make regular runs between the resort towns of Split and Hvar and the airport in Divulje, which is more convenient than driving on the coast’s convoluted roads.

Or, you can book a day at sea by choosing the “Adventure” option for an $1,100 full-day coastal cruise.

Unlike previous short-term UberBoat programs in Boston, Cannes, Istanbul, Miami and Baltimore, UberBoat Croatia is a permanent service. 

But we bet it’s only a matter of time before UberBoat comes to a waterway near you.