This Ultra-Compact Yacht Packs a Ton of Luxury Into a Speedy Little Package

Pure awesome.
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Jet Capsule Promo

Packing speed, maneuverability and luxury into a 24-foot-long boat is a tall order, but this Italian-made compact yacht pulls it off. 

Dubbed the "Jet Capsule," every component of this sleek watercraft has been designed to make the most of its diminutive size.


The lightweight body is 70 percent carbon fiber, allowing its 370-HP HamiltonJet propulsion system to push it across the water at 40 mph flat out. 

Potential buyers can customize every inch of its modest interior. For instance, the "Angle Jet" configuration has seating for four, a small kitchenette and a bathroom.

Angel Capsule

A wilder crew might spring for the "Party Jet" with its two giant, roof-mounted Bose sub woofers and additional water jet for rigging up a Flyboard. 

Party Jet Capsule

Unfortunately, the Al Pacino lookalike helming the Jet Capsule in the photo below isn't included in its $250,000 base price.


Visit their website for more details on purchasing this tiny-but-mighty vessel.  

h/t: Uncrate