Like Usain Bolt, You Too Can Own a Gold Nissan GT-R

Nissan has jammed all the horsepower (600!) they can fit into their little supercar—now it’s time to decorate.

Tradition holds than one doesn’t give gold as an anniversary gift until 50 years have passed. The keepers of the GT-R at Nissan got impatient. To celebrate forty-five years of this furious coupe, Nissan has released the Gold Edition: a standard-issue GT-R covered in lustrous Silica Brass paint. Custom Rays 20-spoke wheels double the spoke-count of the regular car (in this arena, more is always more), and five extra horsepower offset the heavier (we presume) gold-tone VIN plate that commemorates your special purchase. Usain Bolt has a gold GT-R—specially made for him after the London Olympics—and while you can’t buy Bolt’s skill, speed, charm or outsized ego, now you can at least cop his ride. [$102,770 at participating dealers]