If You Want the Thrill of a Motorcycle and the Ease of a Car, Hop on This Sweet Three-Wheeler

Here’s your easy rider.

Three-wheeled autocycles are gaining major interest, with builders like Morgan and Polaris offering customers a half-step between boring cars and tippy motorcycles.

Provo, Utah’s Vanderhall Motor Works has launched the Venice, an autocycle with the traditional style of a Morgan that has been re-interpreted in a slightly more contemporary way.

One big difference is that in place of the Morgan’s air-cooled V-twin motorcycle engine, the Vanderhall employs a durable turbocharged 1.4-liter General Motors four-cylinder engine driving through a paddle-shifted six-speed automatic transmission for maximum ease of use.

Pricing starts at $29,950, and includes a heater, which is another benefit of the GM car engine.

Available colors include black, white, gray and red, and a 600-watt audio system is standard equipment for road tunes.

The Venice has a windshield, unlike some other autocycles, so driving without a faceshield is a much more appealing option thanks to the protection from getting bugs in your teeth.