The 1047-HP ‘Vengeance Camaro’ Just Topped the Dodge Demon’s Dragstrip Time, And This Is WAR

Which would you pick?

Vengeance Racing

The 840-horsepower Dodge Demon is a drag strip, well, demon, ripping through the quarter-mile in just 9.65 seconds. 

But some people prefer Camaros, and some of those people don’t like the idea that their Chevy is a potential drag race loser to a Dodge. 

Georgia’s Vengeance Racing has just the thing for the Bow Tie brand fans with its VR1100 6th Generation Camaro ZL1. The car generated 1,047 horsepower at the rear wheels on the dynamometer and vaulted through the quarter mile even faster than the Demon, just 9.58 seconds.

Vengeance Racing

The Vengeance Racing crew achieved this using the car’s standard factory-issued 20-inch aluminum wheels mounted with standard Mickey Thompson drag radials. There is still more time to come, according to Vengeance, but the team was treating the bone-stock 10-speed automatic transmission as gingerly as possible while tearing off drag strip passes.

Vengeance Racing

The small block Chevy V8 is decidedly not stock, with ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger system and air to water intercooler bolted on top, Late Model Engines billet intake manifold, Vengeance Racing CNC-ported LT4 cylinder heads, Vengeance Racing Stage II camshaft kit, AlkyControl dual nozzle methanol injection system, Vengeance Racing custom low-side fuel system, Kooks Headers and Exhaust stainless steel longtube headers/x-pipe/axle-back exhaust system.

The VR1100 sits an inch closer to the ground than a standard Camaro ZL1, thanks to shorter springs from BMR Suspension.

Stay tuned for still-faster runs from Vengeance while you await delivery of your own VR1100.