The TS Ultra Is An Electric Superbike Equipped With AI, Cameras And Radar

The high-tech speed demon is also the “world’s first motorcycle with the sense of sight.”

(Verge Motorcycles)

An upstart Finnish motorcycle brand recently announced one of the most technologically advanced production two-wheelers the world has ever seen.

Verge Motorcycles, founded in 2018 as RMK Vehicle Corporation before the name change in 2020, just equipped its flagship TS Ultra e-bike with a technology suite that sounds like it belongs in a Tesla.

As Top Speed points out, the TS Ultra was already a marvel, featuring an integrated hub motor inside the rear wheel that develops the equivalent of 201 horsepower (150kW) and 885 pound-feet of torque.

(Verge Motorcycles)

With a billed zero-to-60 mph speed of 2.5 seconds, it’s among the quickest superbikes on the market, if it’s not the quickest. The top end is limited to 124 mph, perhaps to reduce the possibility the riders will accidentally kill themselves with its insane power and acceleration.

And in the continued interest of rider safety, Verge has made its new Starmatter software standard on the TS Ultra for 2024. The upgrade features automatic auto over-the-air updates (OTA), sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and a Human-Machine-Interface.

Crucially, Starmatter is paired with Starmatter Vision—six cameras that provide a 360-degree view around the bike and two high-resolution radars. The combined Starmatter suite can automatically identify potential hazards, as well as show riders what’s behind them or in their blind spot. This information is relayed through a bright handlebar display, which is controlled via dedicated switchgear instead of cumbersome touch controls.

“Verge is making riding even smarter and safer, for example by improving the rider’s ability to observe the environment and the functions of the bike with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning,” says Verge CTO Marko Lehtimäki.

“The TS Ultra’s new cameras combined with the software update announced today make it the world’s first motorcycle equipped with the sense of sight, advising the rider and acting as a ‘whisperer’ while riding.”

Priced from $44,900, the Verge TS Ultra is available to configure and order now.