Watch This Behind-The-Scenes Video About The Making of The Ford GT

An inside look at what inspired Ford's amazing All-American supercar.
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Ford GT

Photo: Ford Motor Co.

The $400,000 2017 Ford GT was not only just a rare supercar made by the company, it was a car that spoke to Ford's storied racing heritage. But in the end, the 650 hp, twin-turbo, invitation only beauty was deemed a smashing success.

"When I first saw it, I was very nervous, because I am very critical and I’m always afraid we’re not going to get it right, but when I saw it, particularly the back end, which is so different, I stopped, kind of held my breath for a second and thought ‘wow, this is spectacular,’” said Ford Motor Co. executive chairman Bill Ford, in a new video about the making of the car. Watch it here:

The Ford family scion was there was there in person as a kid, in 1966, when Ford finished first, second and third in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the GT40, so he knows the weight of the car's legendary history better than nearly anyone else. 

Ford GT

Bill Ford. Photo: Ford Motor Co.

The GT video outlines the difficulty of building a race car and a street car at the same time, because of their conflicting missions. We haven't driven the road car yet, but the race car is already on the track and has produced encouraging results, though it still hasn't stolen victory from the established teams.

One thing's for sure, the GT has injected some considerable supercar buzz into the Blue Oval.

Ford GT

Photo: Ford Motor Co.

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