The World's Longest Luxury Cruise Is an Epic 245-Day Tour of 59 Countries

The ultimate way to see the world.
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There's no better way to travel the globe in one sweep than aboard the Viking Ultimate World Cruise. 

Starting from London, patrons will on embark on a 245-day tour of 59 countries on six continents. One-hundred thirteen guided tours of destination cities like Reykjavik, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Bora Bora, Sydney, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Algiers offer a taste of just about every culture on the planet.

Given that you'll be traveling for the better part of a year, the award-winning cruise company has ensured their ocean liner is most accommodating. 

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Top-tier rooms offer a private veranda, king-size bed, and spacious bathroom, while its five massive public decks are brimming with luxuries including an open-air sports deck, spa and sauna, explorer's lounge, a giant entertainment theater and many fine dining options. 

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Tickets aboard the Viking Ultimate World Cruise departing in August of 2019 will run you a whopping $92,990. Head to their website to see a full itinerary, and check out photos of previous Viking excursions below:

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