Vin Diesel’s Gritty New Dodge Ads Are The Cure To Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln-Inspired Thought Diarrhea

More muscle is good.

Fiat Chrysler Automotive

If your head has been left spinning by Matthew McConnaughey‘s spacey Lincoln commercials, Dodge has a cure for you in the typically non-subtle form of Vin Diesel, fresh off his Fate of the Furious box office triumph.

This series of three commercials, dubbed “The Brotherhood of Muscle,” can also be seen as a big middle finger to critics such as the Automotive News columnist who declared the new 840-horsepower Dodge Demon drag racing car a menace to society that should be banned from public roads.

Dodge doesn’t mind benefitting from the association with Diesel’s rebellious Furious character, but it also sees a strong link between the film series’ fans and Mopar muscle car enthusiasts, stating “Another element that makes this partnership ideal if the fact that both Diesel and Dodge have huge, very loyal fan bases with common interests. Dodge fans love F&F movies and Diesel fans love the high-performance vehicles Dodge is known for.”

For sure, this will poke a stick at the do-gooders calling to ban Dodge’s hellacious muscle cars. Buy your popcorn now!