The Sexy New Wajer 55 Yacht Is Like a Transformer on Water

Did someone say killer lines?


Wajer Yachts

At the Cannes Yacht Show in September, all eyes will be on the ridiculously cool new Wajer 55 from the Holland Yachting Group, the new flagship from the Dutch builder that combines the best features of an open yacht and a sleek speedboat.

Wajer Yachts

The company has promised a host of Transformers-style features for the sexy watercraft, including a swim platform that converts to a ladder, and an “automatic foldable roof.”

Wajer Yachts

An evolution of the Wajer 37 and Wajer 38 models, the 55 offers the perfect balance between dynamic performance and luxurious comfort, not to mention killer lines.

Wajer Yachts

The elegant vessel was produced using innovative lightweight materials and state-of-the-art production methods.

While it may have a bit of a retro look, the boat is completely high-tech — from the touchscreen controls to fuel-friendly engines that can still let it rip in open water.

So go to it….

H/T: Airows