Watch A Tesla Model X SUV Smoke A Lamborghini Huracan In A Drag Race

It wasn’t even close.

Even for those fully aware of electric powertrains’ capacities to deliver torque to pavement instantly, seeing the exotic likes of a Lamborghini Huracan get smoked by the relatively demure-looking Tesla Model X SUV can be a visually shocking experience.

Granted, we’re talking about the Model X Plaid, which produces an obscene 1,020 horsepower—-easily trumping the 630-horsepower Huracan Evo. Despite the massive discrepancy in output, the Huracan’s lighter weight brings their billed 60-mph times to a dead-even 2.5 seconds.

(Top: Tesla, Bottom: Lamborghini)

But this is a quarter-mile race, a distance over which the Model X Plaid should have won on paper. And it did. Robb Report points out that the EV beat the Raging Bull handily— 9.89 seconds to 11.13 seconds in the first heat, 9.84 seconds to 10.84 seconds in heat two.

Brooks Weisblat, host of the DragTimes YouTube channel behind the video, didn’t show a shred of a doubt on camera. That could have something to do with the fact that he’s intimately familiar with the Model X Plaid, having posted an even faster 9.75-second quarter-mile in the same car in February.

The Model X also costs less and boasts six seats, towing capability, and daily driver practicality. But hey, the Lambo at least wins in the looks department.