Watch a BMW M4 Drift on an Aircraft Carrier

A new viral video plays like an outtake from our dreams.

Here’s a bit of clarification for anyone who’s already seen the viral video of a 2015 BMW M4 Coupe drifting around a racetrack built on the deck of an aircraft carrier: The United States doesn’t rent out Nimitz-class supercarriers to German car companies. Hell, the U.S. doesn’t rent aircraft carriers to anyone. Still, given the awesomeness of the CGIed advertisement – intended to introduce coupe-averse Canadians to the 431-horsepower, six-cylinders pleasure of TwinPower Turbo – maybe the Department of Defense should think about it.

The video may not represent reality, but – as an advertisement – it checks all the boxes. Wish fulfillment? Check. Dramatic reveal? Check. Fancy driving? Check. Tasteful zoom in on the company logo? Ten times in 76 seconds. There’s no cloying voiceover exhorting you to buy one now. There’s no talk of zero APR financing. There’s no older male celebrity talking about life. There’s just a cool car doing cool stuff. If you’re reading this from a desk in Detroit, please take note: This is how to make a car commercial.

Check out the video below. Even if you don’t walk away wanting a Bimmer, you’ll be ready to drive.