Watch Craftsmen and High-Tech Robots Create Iconic Cars at the Ferrari Factory

Each vehicle is a piece of automotive art.

It’s no secret that we love Ferraris. Whether new, old, or even from cheesy ’80s TV shows, we’re pretty much obsessed with the world’s most famous manufacturer of sports cars. 

That’s why we love this video Wired UK has put together, which provides a rarely seen look inside the place where the magic happens—the Ferrari factory.

Leaked 488 Pista photo from
Ferrari 488 Pista

Here’s what we’re looking at:

To mark the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, Ferrari and the Design Museum in London invited WIRED inside Ferrari’s car factory in Maranello, Italy to see how it builds iconic cars like the 488 GTB and LaFerrari using a combination of high-tech, autonomous machines and traditional handmade techniques.

Ferrari’s 70th anniversary is certainly something to celebrate, and the company has been doing so all year. First they released a massive fleet of special edition vehicles

Ferrari F12tdf

And then they organized a gathering of one of their most iconic models, the Dino.


Now that’s how to turn 70.