WATCH: Crazy Car Crash On Famed German Race Track

This Renault racer loses control in front of a dashcam and flips his car multiple times.

The Nurburgring is where would-be racers go to test their mettle. Pay your money, and anybody can take their own car out to race around the 12.9-mile Nordschleife (North Loop) of the “Green Hell” track in Nurburg, Germany. It was even the site of Niki Lauda’s fiery Formula One crash depicted in Ron Howard’s 2013 racing film, Rush

F1 organizers may have decided that the Nordschleife may be too dangerous for racing, but the rest of the world now views a lap time on the track as the benchmark of a car’s speed and a driver’s prowess. Crashes happen there daily, but few wrecks have results more spectacular than this end-over-end roll directly ahead of the camera car.

Thankfully, the crash victim appears to climb safely from the wreckage at the end of the video. His problems started when he attempted to overtake the camera car by driving on the grass on the left of the track. Every racer knows there are few surfaces more slippery than grass, so the car predictably starts to slide, which leads to a loss of control at high speed, with dramatic results.

The driver may have been seeking to duplicate the speed record run, because the car appears to be a Renault Megane RS, the car that happens to hold the lap record at the circuit for front-drive cars.

Renault recently reclaimed its long-standing record, which had been briefly usurped by Spanish upstart Seat, with this drive of the limited-production Megane RS 275 Trophy at an astounding 7:54.36. Let’s be careful out there, people.

Photos by Renault