Watch an Insane Monster Truck Shred Through an Unsuspecting Town

Ride along with off-road truck racer BJ Baldwin.

Off-road racerBJ Baldwin gets to do things we don’t, like leaping dunes and boulders in his 800-horsepower race truck, but every now and then he feels the need to rub it in a bit by shooting a crazy video of himself raising hell with his truck just for the sheer fun of it.

Somehow for this installment of his Recoil video series, Baldin, Toyo Tires and Monster Energy convinced the unsuspecting residents of Tacoma, Washington, to open the streets and public spaces of their city to be pillaged by Baldwin in his truck.

The video of Baldwin leaping down stairs, flying through intersections and doing burnouts on the city’s  famous bridge is unbelievable fun. For some reason, they decided to involve a silly plot involving Bigfoot, but that’s easy to overlook once the truck hits town like Godzilla on steroids.

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Photos by Monster Energy