Watch This Insane Porsche “Safari 911” Go Off-Roading

Finally, a 911 you can tear through the woods in.

Porsche‘s 911 has a reputation as a rip-snorting, asphalt-scorching sports car and road racer, which is why it might be surprising to consider the car’s off-road speed potential. 

Not for pro racer Leh Keen, who customized a classic 911 into a project car he dubs the “Safari 911,” and then thoughtfully shot a video of him enjoying the car’s rough-and-ready capabilities.

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“As soon as you go up and down a dirt road and fly around a corner, and dust and rocks are flying up, and you’re in a 911, it all comes together,” said Keen in comments posted with the video by Porsche Club of America. “It all makes sense — it’s like a really, really nice Baja Beetle,” Keen says.”

Indeed, it makes so much sense that Porsche raced modified 911s off-road decades ago. In fact, the company won the famed Paris-Dakar Rally in 1984 with a 911 nearly as cool as Keen’s creation.

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