Watch a Million-Dollar Crash With a Ferrari, Mclaren, and an Audi

This is what happens when you play bumper supercars.

The major difference between supercars and race-prepped supercars is that the racing versions usually have tens of thousands of dollars invested—on top of the $200K plus spent buying the cars—in making them perfect track weapons. For that reason, this major crash in Australia’s Supercar V8 series is especially painful. While a Ferrari 458 is the first to smash into a wall, the ensuing pile-up ensnares a Mclaren 650S, an Audi R8, a second Ferrari and a Mercedes SLS AMG, causing what must be near a million dollars in damage. The only silver-lining is that in racing crashes like this, all drivers are fully encased in a roll-cages, helmets and neck braces, so no injuries were reported.