Watch Sebastian Vettel Test the Absurd Ferrari FXXK

Ferrari’s newest ace driver meets one of the marque’s most outrageously fast hypercars.

Ferrari has turned their current supercar, the LaFerrari, into a stripped-down, souped-up racetrack-only special. In the same way the Enzo morphed into the FXX, the LaFerrari has become the FXXK (the K indicates the car’s kinetic energy reuse system, a kind of high-performance electric motor). To drive their best car, Ferrari looked to their best rookie, the incredibly talented Sebastien Vettel. And, as you can tell from the driver’s hoots and the copious flames shooting out of the car’s straight pipes, the man showed the machine no mercy. In kind, the FXXK performed as well as anything short of an open-wheeled racecar. We don’t speak metric, but 270 kilometers is molto fast.

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