Watch a WRC Rally Car Crash Spectacularly into a Lake

This WRC driver finds that WRC cars handle great on roads, poorly on water.

World Rally Championship drivers are the best wheelmen in the world. And yet, every once in a while, even the best of them make mistakes. But not like this. Watching the video, it looks like Ott Tanak completed a hard turn and then, on a whim, steered straight off an embankment. A death wish? No. It turns out that when the Ford Fiesta hid a hard bump, the front axle cracked and the right front wheel turned out of its own accord, pulling the car off the cliff. Despite the terrifying barrel rolls, collapsed roof and submerged car, Tanak and his co-driver escaped unscathed. And, after being fished from the reservoir, the car was drivable. Both driver and car: built Ford tough.