Why Is New Jersey Putting the Smackdown on Tesla?

Looks like the Garden State is “pulling the plug” on the electric car.

Teslas aren’t like other cars. Besides being one of the first electric vehicles that doesn’t make you look like a granola-loving dork, they’re also sold in an unconventional fashion. Instead of going to a dealership where a fat dude with slicked back hair named Vinnie tricks you into getting every option (“Trust me, you’re gonna want the triple sealant on the spare tire”), folks looking to own a Tesla simply buy the car directly from the company…usually at stores in high-end shopping malls. Well, prospective Tesla customers in New Jersey no longer have the option. Earlier this week, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission voted to ban the direct sale of automobiles in the state, meaning, well, Tesla is shit out of luck. It’s a complicated issue to be sure – here’s a solid breakdown of the situation – but we happen to like being able to spend time staring at cars while our girlfriends wander in and out of Ann Taylor Loft. Check out our journey to a mall in Westchester, NY, and you’ll see how sweet the stores are… 


Photos by Tesla Motors, Inc.