This is Why You Don’t Mess With Old Volvos

This video of a Volvo smashing its way through an intersection demonstrates why they aren’t allowed in Demolition Derbies.

Say what you will about Volvo’siconic 240—Sweden’s most loved motorized box of Wasa crackers—but it is inarguably a sturdy beastie. The staid, economical iron box was designed in the seventies and ruled the eighties, meaning that most of the ones still on the road are in their early thirties. Old cars crumple like origami, right? This video has an astounding counter-example: a 30 year-old Volvo 240 running a light and demolishing a 3 year-old Acura wagon, then zipping along unscathed. We unequivocally condemn hitting-and-running, but if you are a reckless driver with no regard for other motorists’ well being, it seems like an ancient Volvo 240 is the way to roll (through a stop-sign).