Witness the Abuse of Very Expensive Supercars

Only the true 1% has the cojones to dirt-drift a Ferrari Enzo or go meadow-bashing in a Rolls Royce Phantom II.

Somewhere, in a magical place, there are farmlands with castles, stone gates and giant farm equipment. There is a glade of walnut trees growing from well-tended emerald hillocks. There are barns in this mystical world that contain tanks of high-octane fuel used to feed a collection of cars that we consider to be well-curated: a Ferrari Enzo, two Ferrari F50s, a very rare Bugatti EB110ss, a Rolls Royce Phantom II and, just for around-towning, the Jaguar XJ220. But anyone with a certain net worth knows that collecting cars is all about what you do with those cars. Keep them inside? Polish them monotonously? Drape them in hand-woven silk Enzo-cozies? No way. We think you should take them outside, one by one, preferably after a heavy rainstorm, and drift them down winding dirt roads, kicking up rocks, sliding sideways down hills.

Gentlemen of TaxTheRich: We salute you, you crazy bastards.