Hit-and-Run Suspect Turned in by Her Vehicle Emergency System

Another mishap out of Florida.

Another day, another crazy story out of Florida.

This time, a resident of Port St. Lucie, Cathy Bernstein, struck another car but sped off, attempting a hit-and-run. Though this reckless roadster thought she had evaded police, her vehicle emergency system alerted authorities she had been involved in a crash. Seeing that Anna Preston, whose car was struck, had notified police and was hospitalized for back injuries, authorities were able to connect the dots.

Bernstein first realized her vehicle’s betrayal when she received a surprise call from police dispatch regarding her car’s automatic report. In a pained four-minute phone conversation, Bernstein denied she was in an accident, then claimed she was the one hit before finally denying the whole thing again. Listen here

Police went to Bernstein’s home to find that her vehicle had extensive front-end damage and was flecked with traces of silver paint matching Preston’s car. Even with evidence mounting against her, Bernstein still cried foul, claiming this time she had hit a tree.

A kitschy silver Christmas tree from the 60s, maybe?

Bernstein was arrested and taken to St. Lucie County Jail, where it was discovered she was responsible for still another hit-and-run. Though she may end up off the road for a while, nothing will stop the people of Florida from producing such newsworthy gems.

Photos by STR / Getty Images