The World’s Coolest Plane Just Got An Even Cooler Makeover

Because there’s nothing that can’t be made better by making it look like a Transformer.

We’ve covered the ICON A5 amphibious light sports aircraft before, but we couldn’t resist sharing this new concept for an updating of the kick-ass portable plane. We’re suckers for anything that looks a bit futuristic – or like it might possibly have escaped from the toy line of an ’80s cartoon – and this one definitely fits the bill in both cases. In order to show off the engineering that lies behind that sleek, fold-up exterior, the new skin echoes the technology underneath, with the important mechanical details rendered in satin titanium on top of the new matte black finish. Throw in some baller-as-hell orange detailing, and you’ve got something that just needs a couple oversized rockets strapped underneath to fit in at a G.I. Joe convention.

These sweet beasts are expected to be available by the start of 2015, and will set you back an admittedly slightly-more-than-a-bus-ticket $189,000. Check out the photos below, then sob miserably as you remember that you have to sit in traffic for three hours tonight, instead of flying your own private Awesome Mobile back to your secret headquarters.

Photos by Cordero Studios