This Stone-Cold Classic Shelby Cobra Just Hit 201 MPH, And We’re Very Impressed

It ain’t ready for the retirement home yet.


It takes a cobra snake less than a tenth of a second to strike, but the new world speed record for a Cobra is 201.1 mph.

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While we might be accustomed to sleek modern supercars routinely smashing the 200 mph mark, it is another matter for the curvaceous classic roadster to travel at such absurd speeds.


Driver Ted Taormina piloted his Superformance MkIII Cobra to the record at the wide open Mojave Space Port runway, breaking the 50-year-old record of 198 mph that had been set at Daytona International Speedway by a Shelby 427 S/C.


Like the previous record-holder, Taormina’s Superformance Cobra is powered by a Ford 427 big block V8, in this case tuned for 690 horsepower and 710 lb.-ft. torque.


Naturally, aerodynamics are critical for such a record attempt, and Taormina’s Cobra entire underside is sealed with aluminum panels to clean up the airflow, while a front spoiler, bumper canards and a rear diffuser generate downforce to keep the car on the ground at speed.

It is hard to imagine such classically styled machines going so fast, but now, who knows what records could be broken? Maybe next, the ’55 Chevy speed record.