WATCH: The World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter Set the 107MPH Record

Totally spoiling the plot for ‘Fast and Furious 13.’

Mathew Hine rides the record-setting scooter to glory

To get around #CES2016, our friends at EcoReco let us borrow their speedy little electric scooters for a couple of days. Weaving in and out of showgoers and along Vegas sidewalks at 20 MPH was admittedly fun, if not a harbinger of more geriatric days to come. But little did we know a pair of UK mechanics had already achieved over five times that speed on an otherwise fairly unassuming mobility scooter.

The mechanics, Isle of Man’s David Anderson and Mathew Hines, started with an ordinary mobility scooter (the kind grampa might ride to the TV room to watch Matlock), added a go-kart chassis and retrofitted a Suzuki 600cc Bandit engine. After some masterful bodywork, the two took it out for a drag.

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Although mechanical mad scientist Colin Furze impressively established the original record at about 72 MPH and Klaus Petersson audaciously improved on that at 82 MPH, Anderson and Hines (with the latter at the wheel) obliterated both of those benchmarks by taking their green machine to 107.6 MPH, recently recognized by Guinness as the official world record.

Man, that’s quick. (And we know a thing or two about  driving fast.)