This 90-MPH Beast Is Officially the World's Fastest Tractor

Just your average 500-horsepower farming machine.
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Chevy's 5.7-liter V8 has been around since 1967. Thanks to the maniacs at Top Gear, its bellowing roar sounded from a tractor for very first time. 

The show's fabled team racing driver, The Stig, took the 500-HP farm machine to the asphalt. The "Track-tor" clocked an insane 87 mph, handily smashing the previous Guinness World record of 80.

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Britain's biggest gearheads also endowed the behemoth with air suspension, 54" Super Swamper Bogger rear tires, and—to reign in all of those horses—four-wheel brakes. 

Thanks to LED head and tail lights from an Ariel Atom, the Track-tor can be driven on public roads. 

OK, but how does it corner?

h.t: Uncrate