World’s First 3D-Printed Superyacht Uses Mirrors To Appear ‘Invisible’ On Water

“I was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline.”

(Jozeph Forakis)

This cutting-edge superyacht concept strives to be invisible—both to the naked eye and with regard to its carbon footprint.

Milan-based designer Jozeph Forakis envisioned the 289-foot Pegasus with a host of current and futuristic technologies.

(Jozeph Forakis)

“I was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline,” Forakis told Yacht Harbour.

“I wanted to honor nature by blending into it, becoming virtually invisible…both in design and in her environmental impact.” 

(Jozeph Forakis)

Forakis and his team imagined a world-first application of robotic 3D printing to construct a lightweight mesh framework that integrates both the hull and superstructure—the process would require less energy and material when compared to other conventional construction methods.

The finished product boasts a metallic, mirror-like finish that reflects the water and surroundings, while multi-tiered glass wings reflect the clouds and sky, creating an almost “invisible” silhouette.

(Jozeph Forakis)

According to HiConsumption, the main propulsion system would utilize soloar-powered electrolyzers that extract hydrogen from seawater, storing the gas in a pressurized hydrogen fuel cell that converts it to electricity. Additionally, there are solar panels and a lithium ion battery can be used as a short-term power system.

The interior was also designed with an environmentally conscious theme. A “Tree of Life” serves as the interior’s centerpiece, being the core of a hydroponic garden that provides freshly grown food while purifying the air. It’s surrounded by a Zen garden on the first floor but extends vertically through all four levels of the ship.

(Jozeph Forakis)

Meanwhile, the top level would be exclusive to the owner, with a forward-facing master suite featuring a private terrace. There’s also a forward pool club with an aquarium style lap pool and an open-beach club with folding balconies that transform the space into an enclosed solarium with sliding glass panels.

While ambitious, one can see why a multi-billionaire environmentalist would be interested in bringing Pegasus to fruition. Visit Forakis’ website to learn more.