The World's First 200-MPH Flying Sports Car Could Be Here WAY Sooner Than You Think

How does this spring sound?
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Samson Switchblade2

Samson Motorworks is promising delivery this spring of $140,000 flying three-wheelers that owners will actually be able to drive on the road or fly in the sky.

Samson Switchblade3

The Switchblade flying car draws its name from how its wings pop out from its body when it transforms from a road vehicle to a flying machine, a process the manufacturer says takes only three minutes.

Samson Switchblade5

Most states classify three-wheelers like Switchblade as motorcycles for registration purposes, though whether you need a car or motorcycle license to drive it varies from state to state.

Samson Switchblade6

In the air, the Federal Aviation Administration is in charge, and they classify Switchblade as an Experimental/Homebuilt aircraft. You need a regular pilot's license to fly it.

Samson Switchblade4

The 190-horsepower four-cylinder gas engine provides excellent performance on the road thanks to Switchblade's low 1,750-lb. weight with occupants aboard. Top speed exceeds 125 mph. In the sky, it cruises at 160 mph, with a top speed near 200 mph and a range of 450 miles.

Samson Switchblade

Unlike actual motorcycles, Switchblade has front and rear crumple zones and rollover protection. Surely it will be better to not test the crash protection while flying. The first Switchblade should be completed by about April 2018.

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