This Striking Electric Boat Concept Is the Jaw-Dropping Union of Tech and Tradition

Yup, that's a touch screen nav system on the wood instrument panel.
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Zebra concept boat

We all know that electricity and water don't get along well, but the move toward electric drive replacing internal combustion won't be stopped by a little thing like water. That's the plan, anyway, for designer Dimitri Bez, who's designed an electric-powered luxury yacht made from sustainable wood.

Zebra concept boat5

Diagonal seams in the orange leather (recycled, natch) mirror the lines of the deck planks that are set at angles to each other.

Zebra concept boat4

The curved OLED touch screen navigation display doubles as a video screen when the Zebra is tied up at the dock.

Zebra concept boat6

No word on Zebra's range, but Bez envisions that it will move at high speed when it is underway on electric power.

Zebra concept boat2 (1)

A chrome ring joins the deck planks with the hull, providing visual structure, according to Bez. This boat will look just right tied up at the dock in Monaco.