The 1,177-HP Zenvo TSR-S Is the Hottest Danish Export Since Nina Agdal

They're only building five of these $1.4 million beauties a year.
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Zenvo Automotive has released the TSR-S, an 1,177-horsepower, $1.4 million rocketship that is the hottest arrival from Denmark since Nina Agdal stepped off her flight to JFK.

The TSR-S is something of a combination of Zenvo's TS1 grand tourer and the track-focused TSR. 


It employs the same twin-turbocharged V8 powerplant and seven-speed racing-style gearbox as the TSR, with software to tame them for the street. That means a 700-horsepower setting for the engine and an "IQ" setting that lets the computer choose the output somewhere between that and the 1,177-horsepower maximum, depending on conditions.


The transmission, meanwhile, has Street and Race settings. Thanks it its race-ready design, the gearbox can bang off lightning-fast 40-millisecond gear changes, but in street mode it slows them down for smoother shifts. In race mode, the company terms the shifts as "brutal." You were warned.


The TSR-S's most obvious feature is its innovative movable rear wing, which tilts to help the car go around turns like a banking aircraft. "It is not just a gimmick," pledges Zenvo founder and chief technical officer, Troels Vollertsen. "It is really effective."


The innovative rear wing tilts side-to side so it can function both as an air brake (like the rear wing on the McLaren 675LT and Ford GT) and as a cornering stabilizer. 


This speedster is incredible, but Zenvo can only build five of them a year, Vollertsen reports. However, the company is developing a successor model suitable for real production, which will make it easier for us to get our hands on the next Zenvo.

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