This Is What You Get When You Cross a Mustang and a Ford GT

Finally, a hybrid we can get behind.

Zero to 60 Designs

Photo: Zero to 60 Designs

Car makers build exotic models like the Ford GT in the hopes that we will buy their more affordable products while entertaining the fantasy of a connection with that hot-blooded sibling. Kenny Pfitzer, founder of Corona, California’s Zero to 60 Designs, aims to give those of us not fortunate enough to make the cut for Ford’s limited-release amazing GT supercar a taste of its rakish design in a more attainable Mustang.

In building the “GTT” concept car for the Specialty Equipment Market Association show, Pfitzer has added recognizable styling cues from the GT, such as its massive side air intakes, hood nostrils and circular taillights, lending the already sporty Mustang an even more aggressive stance.

Photo: Ford Motor Co.

Consider how the GTT looks compared to the Mustang it started out as, and the GT it aims to emulate.

Photo: Ford Motor Co.

Well done indeed.