The 10 Best 2018 Super Bowl Commercials… So Far

Which one will everyone be talking about on Monday morning?

Super Bowl Commercial Preview 2018
Left: Lexus

Every year, there’s at least one standout Super Bowl commercial. 

If not the beloved Budweiser Clydesdales or a chip-powered time machine, it’s something downright weird that captures everyone’s attention (we’re looking at you, Puppymonkeybaby).

Check out the ten best Super Bowl LII commercials released so far, and decide for yourself which, if any, will be the talk of the town come Monday morning. 

1. Lexus – “Long Live the King”

The first rave reviews of Black Panther have compared Marvel’s latest movie favorably to Star Wars and Game of Thrones. That said, Lexus couldn’t have picked a better partner to help advertise the 2018 LS 500 and its 416 horses. 

2. Pepsi – “Cindy Crawford Teaser”  

It’s only a 7-second teaser, but 7 seconds of Cindy Crawford’s 1992 Pepsi commercial recreation is better than 60 seconds of pretty much anything else. 

3. Budweiser – “Beer Country”

Watching a carriage-less Budweiser Clydesdale gallop by great American landmarks makes us feel positively patriotic… and a little thirsty. 

4. M&M’s – “Human”

We never realized Danny DeVito looked so much like an M&M until we saw this. At least he embraces his round figure.  

5. Febreze – “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink”

Everyone’s shit stinks, except Dave’s. Therefore, we all need to buy Febreze? Sure.  

6. Budweiser – “Stand By You”

In light of the hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico last year, everyone can appreciate the fact that Budweiser has provided more than 79 million cans of drinking water to disaster-stricken American cities since 1988.  

7. Doritos and Mountain Dew Ice – “Tongue Twisters”

Game of Thrones fans will be psyched to see Peter Dinklage in this fun ad. For the rest of you, it also features Academy Award-winning actor and all-around badass Morgan Freeman. 

8. Michelob Ultra – “The Perfect Fit”

Considering the drastic difference between Chris Pratt’s physique in Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Recreation, the low-carb beer company was smart to pick the still-shredded actor to be their new spokesman. 

9. Skittles – “Super Important Super Bowl News”

Yes, Skittles really is making an ultra-exclusive Super Bowl ad that will only be shown to one person. We’re just glad they have a sense of humor about the ridiculous marketing ploy. 

10. Pringles – “Wow”

Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader lends his quirky persona to everyone’s favorite canned potato chip… and it’s making us hungry.