These Are the Top 10 Richest Team Owners In American Sports

These billionaires have a combined net worth north of $130 billion.

New York Knicks Promo
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Millionaires buy supercars. Multimillionaires purchase high-end real estate. But multibillionaires? They pick up professional sports teams. 

Each of these extraordinarily wealthy individuals are among the 350 richest people on the planet and have a combined net worth north of $130 billion, though you may not recognize their names. 

Money magazine retrieved the names of the top ten richest American team owners from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and ranked them accordingly. To find each franchise’s current valuation, the mag consulted data available on Forbes. 

See just how much the sporting world’s most affluent and powerful fans are worth below: 

10. Charles Dolan – $5.5 Billion Net Worth 

Teams: New York Knicks ($3.6 billion), New York Rangers ($1.5 billion), New York Liberty (N/A)

9. Richard DeVos — $6.2 Billion Net Worth

Teams: Orlando Magic ($1.2 billion), part-owner of Chicago Cubs ($2.9 billion)

8. Marian Ilitch — $6.5 Billion Net Worth

Teams: Detroit Tigers ($1.2 billion), Detroit Red Wings ($700 million)

7. Daniel Gilbert — $7.4 Billion Net Worth

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers ($1.3 billion)

6. Stanley Kroenke — $7.8 Billion Net Worth

Teams: Los Angeles Rams ($3 billion), Arsenal FC ($2.3 billion), Colorado Rapids ($135 million), Colorado Mammoth (N/A)

5. Stephen Ross — $10.3 Billion Net Worth

Team: Miami Dolphins ($2.6 billion)

4. Philip Anschutz — $11.2 Billion Net Worth

Teams: Los Angeles Galaxy ($315 million) and Los Angeles Kings ($215 million). Part-owner of Los Angeles Lakers ($3.3 billion), Hammarby IF (N/A), and Los Angeles Sparks (N/A)

3. Micky Arison — $11.4 Billion Net Worth

Team: Miami Heat ($1.7 billion)

2. Paul Allen — $26.4 Billion Net Worth

Teams: Seattle Seahawks ($2.4 billion), Portland Trail Blazers ($1.3 billion), and part-owner of Seattle Sounders FC ($295 million)

1. Steve Ballmer — $40.8 Billion Net Worth

Team: Los Angeles Clippers ($2.2 billion