5 Essential Sportsbook Betting Tips That Always Pay Off

Increase your odds at the betting counter with these insider tips.

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Courtesy of Borgata

Sportsbook betting is far from an exact science, but keeping some simple rules in mind can only increase your chances of getting lucky on your next trip to the betting counter. 

Thomas Gable, Director of Race and Sports Book at Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, which recently launched the Moneyline sportsbook, is wagering that not every bettor is always playing to win. 

Here, five essential sportsbook betting tips to always keep in mind before you wager.

Know Your Bet Before You Get To The Counter

“This helps everyone from the sports book employees to the customers behind you in line. If you know the bet number and provide it to the cashier, this insures a quick transaction. You don’t want to be responsible for the person behind you getting shut out because the game begins while you’re standing in front of the cashier figuring out your bet.” 

Shop Around For The Best Price

“The great advantage to being somewhere like Las Vegas or Atlantic City is you have options and can hunt for the best price on the team or wager you want at the different books in the city. Don’t settle for a price you don’t believe is fair. It’s always smarter to sit out if you don’t get the number you want.” 

Take Advantage Of Prop Bets

“When bookmakers post a lot of different props, like they do for the Super Bowl, they only have a short time to draw them up and price them before they post them for the public to bet on. There isn’t enough time to make sure each and every prop is priced as precisely as some other bets, so smart players can take advantage of this situation. Look for good value when a lot of props are posted for a certain event, as you are likely to find something that the oddsmaker overlooked.”

Bet Early On Favorites

“The public loves to bet favorites. If you are looking to bet a favorite, try and do it early. Once the public starts putting a lot of money on a favorite, the sports book is going to probably move the odds and make it more expensive to bet the favorite. If you want to bet an underdog, it is sometimes better to wait as the price will more than likely move in your favor as the public puts more money on the favorite.” 

Don’t Wait Too Late To Bet On Parlays 

“Parlay wagers, because they include multiple teams, typically have a longer transaction time at the counter as the cashier has more entries to make. Be cognizant of this because once a game starts, you won’t be able to get the bet in. Also, you don’t want to be tying up a cashier if people are behind you trying to wager right before a game starts.”