Meet Alan ‘Nasty’ Nash, The King of Toe Wrestling With 14 World Championships

It’s like arm wrestling…but with feet.

In the world of toe wrestling, there are no stars who shine as bright as Alan “Nasty” Nash. The tough-toed Englishman took home his 14th title last weekend after winning yet another World Toe Wrestling Championship in Derbyshire, England. It was his fourth championship in a row. 

But before we regale you with stories of Nash’s success, let us first explain what the hell toe wrestling is. It’s actually pretty simple, and not unlike arm wrestling, except competitors interlock their toes instead of their fingers. The objective is to force your opponent’s foot to touch a small board just a few inches away. Do that and you win.

Now, back to the Nasty man.

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Nash won his first toe wrestling title in 1994 and has been a giant in the sport ever since. He recently explained the keys of his success to the CBC

There’s his skill at maintaining proper posture, which can get tricky given the stipulations that both hands remain on the ground, and the non-wrestling leg remain in the air. There’s his perfectly stubby toes, which are better than long ones because “they don’t snap as easily.” And there’s his ability to fight through the pain. 

Goofy as toe wrestling looks, it has its dangers. Nash has broken nine toes in total and once broke four in a single match. “I actually walked off the stage, snapped my toes back as straight as I could, and put them into a bucket of ice. I kept the swelling down and went back in for the finals, and I won the finals,” he told the CBC. 

This picture from Nash’s Facebook page shows what happens when things go wrong in a toe wrestling match. As he mentions in a comment though, that picture is not him. 

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Turns out, Nash is not just a toe wrestling legend. He’s also the current world record holder for the most eggs crushed with the toes in one minute. 

Of course, that’s also a skill that requires superhuman feet. That’s exactly what Nash has, and as this tattoo on his foot shows, he isn’t shy about saying it. 

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